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GMR Electric Services
  • AC Stator Rewinds
  • DC Stator & Armature Rewinds
  • Random & Form Wound Coil Motor Repairs
  • Motor Redesigns - HP, Speed, Voltage Changes

GMR Electric has a room dedicated to motor rewinding.  This room is separate from the rest of the shop to ensure cleanliness throughout the winding process.

A lot of electric motor repair shops rewind motors but few can match the quality of a GMR rewound electric motor.  Here's why:


At GMR, we use the most advanced equipment and technology in our industry to provide our customers with a superior final product.

We use a Samatic automatic winding machine to make coils that are more consistently and accurately sized than coils made using a manual winding machine. 

We also apply resin to completed windings using our Vacuum Pressure Impregnation (VPI) system.  The VPI process is superior to the dip & bake process used by most rewind shops for a number of reasons.

Benefits of a VPI System vs Dip & Bake

  • Increased dielectric (insulation) strength
  • Better resistance to contaminants
  • Improved heat transfer
  • Greater structural strength


We have 30 years of experience rewinding motors used in mining, oil & gas, forestry, agriculture, food processing, water treatment and various other applications.  Combine that with our staff of highly skilled journeyman electrical motor services technicians and you'll find that our expertise in unmatched in the Saskatchewan industry.

Quality Control & Testing

We use extensive final testing procedures and an ISO certified quality management system to provide high quality repairs and service time after time. 


Random Wound Stator


Samatic 2680 Winding Machine


Vacuum Pressure Impregnation System

5000hp Form Coil ReWind