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With our new Saskatoon facility complete, GMR Electric has one of the best equipped shops in Canada!  We recently purchased the assets of another large motor shop in Western Canada and have added a third VPI system.  We now boast three complete system to meet our customer needs reliably and efficiently.  The added system is an Imprex 84" VPI system with shaft well and chilled and agitated storage tank.  

Our Estevan Branch has a full service shop and new motor warehouse and our new Regina Branch is carrying our full line of Electric Motors from Industry leaders like Teco-Westinghouse, GE, Leeson, and more.

GMR's facilities and experienced staff is capable of providing service for all types of motors. From fractional to 20,000 HP. GMR's recent expansion includes 6 new hoists capable of lifting up to 50 tons, 30,000 additional square feet and a full machine shop and fabrication division. This allows us to provide unsurpassed service to our valued customers.

GMR strives to be the leader in electric motor services. Our recent expansion, and new equipment is proof of our commitment. We are one of the only full service shops in Saskatchewan with specialized equipment such as a Vacuum Pressure Impregnation system for ensuring the highest quality and control when insulating varnish is applied.

  • 69,000 square feet
  • 45 full time employees
  • Hoist capacity of 50 tons
  • Computerized dynamic balancing - Hard and Soft Bearing  - 3 complete systems!
  • Vibration analysis - CSI 2130 
  • Vacuum pressure impregnation up to 10'
  • 3200 sq/ft Indoor Sand-blasting and 3200 sq/ft Paint booth
  • 400 Sq/ft wash bay with Dry Ice Blasting
  • Baker Digital Surge/Hipot Tester 
  • 2 Pollution control, Temperature controlled Burnout ovens
  • 5000 hp Dynamometer load testing
  • PDMA MCEmax
  • Complete machine shop facilities
  • CNC Lathes and Machining Center
  • Ten Large capacity lathes
  • Horizontal/Vertical boring mills
  • Complete welding and fabrication facilities
  • Robotic Welding
  • Journeymen Mechanics
  • Fully equipped rewind shop

    - 9 fully qualified winders
  • Modern Training Facility
  • Forklift Capacity to 45,000lbs.
  • much much more

GMR Electric Motors Ltd. recently acquired ANOTHER new PDMA MCEmax, which is the most comprehensive and powerful electric motor predictive maintenance system available. It is used for quality assurance applications, trend analysis and diagnostic evaluations. The MCEmax is capable of both on-line and offline testing and provides detailed and accurate reporting on the condition of the motor and power quality.   With three of these units, we are better able to serve our customers.

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Dynamometer Load Test Center

We are proud to announce our latest equipment addition; a state of the art 5400 HP Dynamometer load test facility. Motors are mounted on a 10 foot by 20 foot isolated precision pad and powered by our in house power generation system that allows us to access infinitely variable voltage from 0 volts to 14,400 volts. This Dynamometer can simulate actual motor variable load conditions and measures horsepower and torque, as well as efficiency. From a sound proof control room we monitor all temperatures, RTD's, and vibration and provide a complete and comprehensive printout. Read outs include voltage, amperage, torque, horse power, efficiency, as well as bearing temperature and winding temperature. This guarantees motor performance and maintained efficiency ratings. We have also added a new DC Drive system for full load testing of DC motors.  We are also one of only a few shops in North America that can perform IEEE 112, and full Commercial Testing of electric motors!

Dynamics Research is a market leader in balancing technology. The computerized model 610 takes all the guess work out of the balancing procedure making it possible to balance in two planes in just a few runs. The Dynamics Research instrumentation prints complete reports showing the exact unbalance as received, the balancing speed, the operator, the job number and the final balance attained. Model 610 can support weights from 50 to 15,000 Lbs with the capabilities to balance almost anything that comes at it. This equipment ensures that precise, complete, accurate balancing every time.

Vacuum Pressure Impregnation is a process that is a step above the traditional dip and bake. VPI includes pressure in addition to vacuum, thus assuring good penetration of the varnish in the coil. The result is improved mechanical strength, electrical properties and thermal performance. This means improved heat transfer by eliminating air/gas pockets and makes it impossible for moisture or other contamination to degrade the system. The solid void-free structure reduces the possibility of internal corona damage on high-voltage machines. VPI minimizes coil movement, slots are completely filled, and by the use of suitable fibers laminated structures and bracing materials a solid reinforced end winding structure is obtained. This ensures improved reliability and long service life. The core wire is completely filled and sealed. This eliminates problems due to loose cores and provides positive protection against migration of moisture and other contamination through the core. 

We have just recently added another brand new VPI system to our ever expanding list of equipment.  This is one of the biggest VPI systems in CANADA!!

 45,000lbs Capacity Taylor BIG RED