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Frequently Asked Questions

What Electric Motor Repair Shop in Western Canada is the best equipped to handle your electric motors?  GMR Electric Motors is the best equipped electric motor shop in Western Canada!  We have two complete VPI systems (one being one of the largest in Canada at 10' diameter!), unmatched load testing facilities up to 5000hp, the best quality programs, largest and best equipped machining facilities, complete field services, the best motor brands and the most stock in any province, and the list goes on!

What Electric Motor Repair Shop Has the best Quality Systems?    GMR Electric is the ONLY ISO 9001:2008 certified shop in Saskatchewan, GMR Electric is the first and only SKF Certified Shop in Canada, and GMR Electric is CSA certified.  And as if these 3rd party audited certifications were not enough, GMR Electric has recently went through the new EASA Shop Accreditation program and will be the first shop in Canada to become EASA certified!